New flag of the smaller Union

So the Irish have pissed off the Scots are on their way, that means the Union flag as we know it is really defunct. Now how should the new flag of the smaller Union be, should it be the red cross with the Welsh dragon in the top left corner and the NI flag in the bottom right. Or a complete new design to show the multi cultural society we now live in?


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St Georges Flag (doubling up as the Ulster Flag without the red hand) with the Welsh Flag without it's Dragon.
What we need is a flag that has Tudor Colous in it (pre Union and Tudors being the last genuinely British monarchs, before the Dutch and Germans pushed in) and maybe impose a Welsh dragon onto it, I give you:-

Of course this will be the official one after CMD has finished at the summit over the next few days and he gets told to toe the line by the Frogs and Boxheads

What makes you think you will have a say?

This will be your new flag


Fuck too slow again.


What could be more appropriate for a nation devoted to Banking.


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