New Fitness tests for ADF

Discussion in 'Australia' started by waiguoren, Oct 14, 2011.

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  1. Since the sex scandals at ADFA earlier this year I have heard a lot about women moving onto the frontline. Every time this is brought up there is mention of changing the fitness standards in the ADF so that they are based on roles as opposed to gender/age.

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me a clear idea of what these new fitness tests will include?

    I would normally have a look on an Australia specific military forum, however I am in China at the moment and they seemed to have blocked most sites relating to this sort of thing.
  2. Try googling all the Falun Gung websites...
  3. Phew...I misread the thread title and thought it was New Fitness Tests for the ACF!

    I am trying to get Ginster's pastie out of the carpet now.
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  4. Hope you dont plan on getting married dressed as a Japanese admiral or advice on how to dress while watching the kids have a kickabout!
  5. And what a great read the Army Newspaper is, too! Makes Pravda look like cutting-edge journalism.
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  6. Thanks for the link Nige. I've just read it through, its a bit light on any specifics. Any idea what the actual test will involve? Will it be similar to the current Run, Pushups and situps? Or will it be more pack marches and water carries?
  7. No idea mate, based on experience, probably jerrican and ammo liner carries and lifts.
  8. The new aussie mess kit looks bloody awful!

    Black coats makes 'em look like waiters in a Spanish knocking shop.
  9. Sayonara Blitish Pig!

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  10. Something is missing though. Where are the pages devoted to the " i believe i should have a medal i don,t qualify for because..."
  11. I'll have you know that passed-over, time-serving Australian Army officers are perfectly capable of writing patronising, evasive 'replies' to that kind of question.
  12. Just as bad as the army magazine. Australian defender was better IMO
  13. Dear Mark

    I got a nasty cut on my hand opening a beer in the Honiara Yatch Club.
    I also got stuck in the cable car lifts in the King Sol for twenty minutes.

    I was very brave on both occasions and did not cry.

    Do you think we should establish a medal similar to the US Purple Heart to cover such contingencies?

    Walter the Smurf
    Capt, RAEME (V).
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  14. Good idea. I got a nasty rope burn on my hand from trying to climb the ******* thing. I didn't cry either. My bottom lip did tremble for a bit though. Should I get a mention in dispatches at least?