New First aid booklet, possibly?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by picketdriver, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. This has been in for a while, it was changed from 15:2 to 30:2 and you could omit the rescue breaths if you wanted as it appeared that a lot of people weren't happy slapping the lips on someone dying. All decisions in the UK regarding CPR come from here:
  2. Agreed Jack, I think its been in since 06?
  3. yeah the new booklet is like a directory!! bout 16 sections now...
  4. I was told that it was because there should be oxygen in the blood anyway so they weren't needed unless the person had drowned.
  5. It was, but your average Joe Public on the street doesn't know that and they wouldn't do 'mouth to mouth' on a slobering old drunk or whoever plus the fear of catching aids etc. This is why it is now Danger Response Airways Breathing as well because the average person took too long trying to find a pulse so they got rid of the Circulation bit in DRABC.
  6. Had been introduced a short while before... what grips my sh*t is the way this changes so bloody often... in the past few years I have been taught so many different ways of doing it I've lost count... and track of what I should be doing.

    I wouldnt mind but the cynical part of me (yup, thats a pretty large part!) thinks that it is often change for changes sake (heard that elesewhere?!) or alternativly change for the sake of flogging new books etc (employer's current editions now out of date aren't they!).

    This latter point reminds me of the demise of the 'survive to fight' booklet which, by all accounts, was pretty good. I was recently told that they were all taken off blokes because they were 'out of date.' I confess to not knowing exactly in what respect but wonder if 'NBC' needed to be substituted by 'CBRN' or some other arrse that means much the same - surely mildly out of date information is better than none at all?
  7. Medical research- pah. If you stay in the business long enough the old ways return, most of the time it's just doctors on panels playing and feeling important with little change in outcome for the patient.
  8. The survive to fight booklet is still being given to TA recruits round these parts
  9. Bet they wonder why you have to cut the smock off to remove it when there's a perfectly good zip there....
  10. With you all the way - the human body ain't changed much (well tabs, pies and booze always make the PFT a bit of a close shave for me) and yet every time I seem to do First Aid or whatever its fcuking called now (BCDT - until next year no doubt), something I was taught last year is suddenly as popular as cot death (is that still fatal?). What is wrong with these people do they like rewriting pams or something?
  11. I've used CPR (15:2) on a real casualty some years ago (OK, 18....). It worked and the casualty recovered from his injuries. So until it someone proves to me that the old method of CPR DOESN'T work, I'll be prepared to use the same method again in the future.
  12. Blimey! Out of the 6 times I've performed it, its only worked once! Maybe I'm just shite at it, the last one we gave CPR for an hour. From finding him in a car, to start performing CPR on the roadside and continuing in an ambulance and in the hospital. It was quite gutting after all that for him to die on us.
  13. So what has it gone to if it's a team effort? I thinik it used to be 5:1?
  14. Team effort went donkeys ago mate, this is the problem when they change it so often, still 5:1 is better than 0:0.

    You continue doing CPR until:

    Professional Help Arrives (Paramedic, Dr etc)
    The patient recovers (unlikely)
    You are too tired to continue (get someone else to take over)