New financial retention bonuses

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by TheCleric, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. Right, can someone answer this for me please.

    The old system will be updated so you can get up to £15000 at your 8 year point.

    What I want to know is if I will get anything from this new figure?

    Due my 8 year bonus in September this year, had a 5 year bonus, which was £3000 taxable or so from memory. Will I remain on the old system and get the £2000 taxable or so this year or will I get more?

    I've got a feeling I'll be screwed over and stay on the old system which I find sickening.

    Current system:

    New system:

    Reading that it appears as if I'm stuck on the old system. If that's confirmed then screw this, I think my NTT will be going in; I've missed out on enough already and I don't see why I should be busting my ass going on tour every bleeding 8 months or so just to be given nothing in reward.

    I already missed out on £10k for my class one course, will miss another £10k if I decide to do FofS course, now they bring this in? If the Government is so concerned about people with my length of service then why am I being screwed over?

    Or am I on the new system? I'm sure I speak for many here so advice appreciated. My Pay Master is looking into this for me, but he says it doesn't look good.
  2. no u dont get it because it's not implemented til the 2009/2010 yrs!! unlucky and also use the serch function and you'll find a very long-winded debate and explanation on that two month old thread!
  3. Well what a ******* outrage. Screw this, no point in me staying in anymore :evil:
  4. As cheggers said, no joy for the likes of us- I sign for mine next month and I have been advised I'm only getting about 1,800 after tax.
  5. So, am I right in thinking that if you sign for the 8 year money from 2009 onwards you get the larger amount?

    I've read the other thread and while I may just be being thick, I can't see a definitive answer. I'm due to sign for mine in February.

  6. I spoke to my clerk at APC, by all accounts the larger bonus will be paid to all those who are eligible on or after August 2009, unfortunately.
  7. That's a bit of a kicker, but seeing as JPA has "lost" the first 18 months of my service, I may have to wait until August 2010 anyway for my 8 years to register so I might get it anyway...

    Does anyone else think that announcing that it will be implemented in 2009 and then picking August is a little arbitrary?

  8. Cleric,

    You come across to me as a greedy self centred cunt.

    Yeah, it's unfortunate that you miss out, but that is all - unfortunate. You are still better off than many for receiving your 5 and 8 year cash (and before you say anything, it is not sour grapes as i received mine also).

    Why don't you fuck off to civy street, i don't remember McDonalds doing retention bonuses.
  9. Their is no reward for loyalty.
  10. LMAO you really think I'd end up in McDonalds? How about you think about what you say before you open your gob? I know for a fact that I can earn more then what I do right now, the only reason I'm still in is because I enjoy the crack and the way of life..

    As for me being a self centered cunt, perhaps I am; I wouldn't be mentally sane if I wasn't fucked off for missing out on £10k or so for doing the same work as someone who happened to have joined a couple of years after me.