New Financial Assistance Regulations from 14 April

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by crossed_axes, Mar 31, 2005.

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  1. 200K a year, if only it were so. Mind you I am worth it :wink:
  2. Well, I admit to being pleasantly surprised - these seem to cover the problems seen up until now. No more worries about pay and the ability to claim for those extra costs that crop up. Nice one.
  3. Not wishing to detract from XA's excellent post:

    About time too. :D
  4. So at least all those city bankers going to Telic "stag on" will be bored stiff . They can cheer themselves up by looking up bank balances on their blackberries!

    Cost of call up for the Inns of Court Yeomanry would be interesting to see.

    Good move, but a little tardy.
  5. Gobsmacked! It sounds like someone somewhere might actually have been listening!

    + not only have they sorted out the individual awards, but also done something fairly sensible about the employer side too and the payments are to be reviewed it seems annually.

    There must be a catch. There has got to be a catch...

    Of course... Stand by for more brown envelopes!!
  6. Catch........yes Afghanistan :D :wink: