New film to be released "Carry on Hanging"

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by eveyoz, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. I bet the rest of Saddams tribe will be running around like . . . wait for it . . . headless chickens now!
  2. And Carry on Don't Lose Your Head 2 will be the sequel, I presume...

    The sound you can hear is Albert Pierrepoint spinning in his grave at the ineptitude of the hangman.
  3. Wow, you're a humorous chap aren't you Giblets? What a huge leap of the imagination you've made to come up with that punch line. The consummate skill with which you slotted in the word 'headless' was a total joy to behold - and I hope to see more such brilliant, effortless, humorous offerings in the very near future.

    On the news just now, the Iraqi official who justified the execution of the execution had a sickeningly authentic American accent - barbarians to a man, who also deserve a long spell locked out of harm's way, and away from civilised people.
  4. Now, now chaps, lets not lose our heads over it...
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Jeezus! Talk about sense of humour failure!
    Get a life!
    Heads are gonna roll!
  6. Aw diddums

    Pick your toys up and try again.

    I think that saddam and these two should have got a suspended sentence.
  7. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Mark - one of the "suspended" sentences was quickly cut in half.......................
  8. pull the other one, not even the best lawer could swing that.
  9. It'll be popular in certain circles though - a short, sharp shock and a guaranteed 0% reoffending rate. Their old boss would probably have approved.

    And it wasn't cut in half anyway, just a small reduction in length.
  10. I heard there was a secret UN meeting planned which may have saved Saddams life, but the chair pulled out at the last second.
  11. I heard they fell into a trap.....

    TAXI !
  12. My highlights - My, my. Now please tell me that it isn't Racist! Sickeningly authentic. Fcuk me if we are going to start locking people up and more importantly condemning an entire group because of their accents I'm for a massive pre-emptive on the people planning this. Might even get a UN Resoution passed.

    Im a Sweaty don't ye know!!! Some people don't like my accent and that is their right; its not their right to condemn an entire nation.

    I wonder if Kira, Aunty Beeb and the looney Professor will pick up on this and have you hauled in front of the Courts.

    Answers on a Post Card Please.

    I thought I argued that part particulaly reasonably so now I'lll ruin it:

    You Sir are a Grade 1 Prime Cnut :threaten: :pissedoff:
  13. Ah er........ 'Carry on Hanging' movie has already been made. The life of Albert Pierrepointe with Timothy Spall. Went nowhere in the cinema but recently released on dvd. The opening 5 minutes would have given those Iraqi technicians more than a clue on 'weight to drop maths'
    From cell to dead in 13 secs! An Olympian indeed and as for the 7 at a time style he developed at Nurnemberg well, has to be seen to be admired.
  14. ......I bought one of Saddam's old shirts on ebay the other day - a bit tight round the neck, and it didn't hang very well..................