New film on the 1994 GIGN Airbus Assault in Marignane

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by fantassin, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. A film has just been released today in France about Air France Flight 8969, an Air France flight that was hijacked on 24 December 1994 by the Armed Islamic Group (GIA) at Algiers, where they killed three passengers. When the aircraft reached Marseille, the GIGN, the intervention group of the French Gendarmerie, stormed the plane and killed all four hijackers. The GIA's plan appeared to foreshadow the 11 September attacks.

    Thomas Sancton of TIME magazine described the event as "one of the most successful anti-terrorist operations in history."

    Air France Flight 8969 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Here is a teaser of the film.

    L'ASSAUT de Julien Leclercq - Au cinéma le 09 mars

    News footage of the real thing

    Vidéo Ina - ASSAUT AVION, vidéo ASSAUT AVION, vidéo Economie et société Justice et faits divers - Archives vidéos Economie et société Justice et faits divers :
  2. Looks good. I remember watching it live. GIGN are Nails.
  3. I'll have a look at that when it comes out. French action films tend to be well made and very un-Hollywood.

    Don't like the chances for the GIGN chap with the lovely children and wife though. Kiss of death in movies.

    IIRC, no GIGN operators were killed, though several were badly wounded; I think one lost a few fingers.