New fighting in Lebanon

Ssshhhh don't tell Tony he'll have us back out there as well.
Lebanon once a rich and bountiful resort of choice for the jetset, now slowly turning once again too rubble as they fight once more against themselves.

I dont really believe they need any encouragement from either the West or the East to engage in culling themselves! It is a terrible thing for those who want peace but i fear until the whole region is a smoking pile of ash it will never happen!
Robert Fisk

So what in God's name happened in Lebanon yesterday?

Well, Mr Siniora claimed it was an attempt to destabilise Lebanon - a good guess, to put it mildly - and Saad Hariri, son of the former prime minister murdered here more than two years ago, called the armed men "evil-doers who had hijacked Islam". This is the same Saad Hariri whom at least one American reporter - I refer to Seymour Hersh - suggested was indirectly helping to funnel Saudi money to these same gunmen in a recent article in The New Yorker. The Shia Muslim Hizbollah are supposed to be the bad guys in this scenario, not a Sunni group.

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