New Fast Jets for Ireland?

Towards the end of the Cold War an air threat to the UK was identified that Blackjack and Backfire aircraft cold fly out to the west, turn over the Atlantic and attack UK targets on the home run from the west not the east as would have been expected. They would of course in most cases fly over RoI. An RAF radar was established at Ty Croes in North Wales I think to cover the gap in the radar picture, it was removed soon after the Cold War endex. No doubt the rader could return and together with RAF Portreath give coverage over all RoI ?
Wasn't RAF Bishops Court in NI a radar station? One of the few miitary places I never went to over there.
Let's have a chat... you buy and integrate the AD radars (Not Russian please) and the UK will supply the fast jets. (Assuming the odd Friesian in County Cork won't mind the odd sonic boom).
Would the Chinese help fund Irish air defence? Aparently, there's already an Irish community in Ireland.
All ready to be corralled into Kerry for re-education...... for Kerry.... education.
Apparently they already have some fast-jet training infrastructure already in place, including g-force simulator

Good point.... perhaps Vatican City can chip in and pay all of it..... they have been bleeding Ireland dry for centuries and letting some very dubious people with very dubious behaviours continue.

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