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New Fast Jets for Ireland?


As described to me by an Irish immigration officer at Dublin Airport many years ago (well being a Dub what he actually said was "we cover der aarses, an' dey cover ouwers"). I was with a good friend who was from Malaysia and we were on holiday in Ireland. The immigration guy asked me (presumably hearing my accent) did we plan on visiting "da Nort"? Well we were going to visit Donegal but not actually enter Northern Ireland no (I already knew she needed a UK visa for that).

I asked him why he cared and he explained that the Irish immigration authorities regularly checked that people weren't using Ireland as an easy access route into the UK and were active in preventing it. I wondered why they bothered and he gave me the above answer.

It doesn't fit the agenda of so many here who want to believe that Ireland is the UK's enemy number one, a heaving pit of vituperative bitterness and Anglophobia, but as I have said elsewhere the UK has no better friend than Ireland (and please, don't say the US is the UK's best buddy, it's a laughably pathetic idea) when it comes to quiet behind the scenes cooperation. The UK knows that, that's why the UK has no problem extending its assistance to Ireland whenever necessary, the UK government knows who its friends are beyond the tabloid headlines.

Do you get paid by the word or by the platitude?
I have no idea what that means.

EDIT A Boreen is a narrow country road. No wiser.
When the border is at right angles to a main road..... a Boreen as a border makes far more sense.
Read a very good book (name escapes me now) last year on the troubles.

often extraditions could not proceed because there was errors in the request
Margaret Thatcher angered by Irish 'inaction on terrorism.'

Margaret Thatcher 'accused Irish government of doing nothing' over suspected IRA priest.

According to the British army’s internal history of its campaign in Northern Ireland, Operation Banner, as late as 1988, ten out of the sixteen IRA active service units were operating south of the Irish border.

Thinking of all the diverse runways that Ireland could disperse it's fast jets fleet too?
Well diversity is our strengh apparently.
Well, the UK's skill in 1943-4 was we were an unsinkable Aircraft Carrier. Runways everywhere...... and much as Ireland was Neutral..... under the covers Ireland did us well.
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Book Reviewer
Tommy Tiernan is one of Ireland’s best known comedians

And he’s deadly
Unlike the Irish Army, Navy and Air Force then.

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