New fangled game named greatest ever.

Ozduke said:
Not talking "modern" games you git. We're talking Spectrum, Atari and other 80's classics!!
Ooops sorry, got all excited that's all!
R-Type (speccy)
Ikari Warriors
Kids today. You think there was always 2-3 gB machines and 256mB+ graphics cards?

We can remember the days of cassette loaders and when 1mB processors were an unspoken heresy
I hated trench strafing. Absolutely hated it. Bloody April was interesting until you worked out the attack patterns.

Is Elite on that list? How can Elite not be in the top 5?

Silent Service II by Microprose, another top title. "Cavalla vs the War Fleet" many sleepless nights setting up the perfect firing solution to whack both carriers and run away bravely before the seriously pissed off escorts came looking to return the favour.

Arkanoid. Jesus. In the end they made a rule that we could only play Arkanoid if we came into work early , because you could still hear shouts of "Oh f*cking hell" all over the office at 11.00 in the morning instead of any programming or design work getting done :D

And when I finally got an Atari ST at home, playing Magnetic Scrolls adventures.

That top 100 is bonk.

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