New FAD, that's Dress Uniforn not faddish trendy thing...

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Maj_Boothroyd, Nov 1, 2010.

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  1. I'm a National TA chap with a 19-day per annum committment. I have just been asked to send in my uniform sizes for the new FAD Dress uniform, some sort of fangled new No2 Dress. I'm wondering why in this age of austerity, somebody should want to spend money on an outfit that I may never wear, other than in the QM's store when I try it on for size. In my last 3 years of regular service I only wore No2 dress on Rememberance Day and when I sat on a Court Martial.

    It seems to me that in an age when every home-coming or medal parade is done wearing CS95 (green, sandy or MTP) that it's a bit daft to spend money on this. Unless there is an alterior motive...

    Are we being issued this so that when we have the final TA Disbandment parade next year, we can march off the Establishment in a nice new suit?
  2. So you haven't been told about your forthcoming Court Martial?

    That's the problem with the Nationally-recruited TA. The important letters get left on someone's desk somewhere...
  3. Sadly Puttees the guilty bastard no longer needs to appear before a court in No 2 Dress, C95 is now acceptable ( blame John Major and his fuckwit ideas of equality).

    FAD is the equivalent of one of those cheap suits one sees advertised in Asda or Texaco or wherever. The team responsible for its design and the team responsible for its acceptance should be offered brown envelopes without any sort of compensation.
  4. Only thing that worries me here...

    If FAD stands for Future Army Dress, when we all have it, surely it's no longer the future, and so a misnomer (if you can apply that to abbreviations)?

    Would it now have to be redesignated, e.g. Current Regular Army Pattern?


  5. If the roll-out of kit to the TA is anything like in previous years, to the TA, it will remain Future Army Dress for a long while...
  6. Future Army Dress is a programme to introduce the new design of No.2/Service Dress to the Army. The Uniform is still called No.2 or Service Dress and not FAD despite the growing trend to do so. So this would surely be a case of mislabeling rather than a misnomer.
  7. I like Future Army Dress. It has a ring of permanence about it as if something is definitely going to happen and that the event itself is a positive one. A promise of something better. Oh such irony.

    Let's face it, we still call Combat 95 'Combat 95' and that was 15 years ago.

    That said, I have seen it and it's rubbish. It has one major advantage though. It's free.
  8. It's mislabelling to suggest that it was designed.
  9. So 'Future' as in 'Future Rapid Effect System'? I remember being told that FRES was the 'Future' on a course in 2003

    And it's not free. For the other 346 days I am the taxpayer paying for it.
  10. Sorry to be pedantic, but I think you mean 365 days (you still pay tax on your TA earnings). Unless you mean 264 days (including bank holidays and unworked weekends). So it could seem to be free for up to 102 days. That's a bargain, that is.

    I'm not happy with my maths here, but you get the gist
  11. So calling the new Service Dress FAD is just a fad then?
  12. Not it's just a fad (any pics - female models pls)
  13. msr

    msr LE

    You just give money back to the treasury...
  14. I thought TA weren't being issued it????
  15. Oh yes we are ... although **** knows why given the things the money could be spent on instead. I suppose it stops some moaning on about "One Army" though.

    And while we're on the subject, does anyone know why it apparently can only be sized by trying it on ? Do they really not trust the Q man to wield a tape measure ? I'd hate to be the unit that gets the sizing kit last, it must be honking after travelling the length and breadth of the UK encountering new sweaty soldiers at every stop. I'm waiting for the penny to drop that they will need to measure people at some stage, not everyone made it in for the dressing up session.