New FAD, Old Rules?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by working_with_choppers, Jan 23, 2012.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Probably a bone question, but just asking so I've got ammo against our rubbish Tailor.

    I was led to believe that the new Future Army Dress(FAD) was combining our old No.2's and orrificers Service Dress. But on looking at the dress regs with regard to the No.2 dress category which combines both forms of dress, It still has certain seperation between OR's and Officers. It also mentions in the officers category that they're to be issued FAD.

    So in effect the questions are, do we just continue to stick with the OR's category or adopt the FAD category although its in the Officers section(rank and obvious badges not adopted obviously)?

    And is it FAD for everyone(once everyones been issued)?


  2. Ask your camp tailor, he should know.
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  3. RTFQ!

    "Probably a bone question, but just asking so I've got ammo against our rubbish Tailor."
  4. Well spotted
  5. The FAD bit is just the tunic and trousers, most unit/Offr/OR embellishments will probably remain. For example, the difference in thickness between RLC OR and RLC Offr lanyards will remain, as will Sam Brownes for Officers and belts for ORs etc etc ad nauseum.

    As an aside, why do you still have a tailor..? The FAD contract provides no public money for tailoring as the uniforms should fit off the peg for most people...
  6. Except they don't
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  7. Hence the itallics...
  8. I had my new 'Service Dress' fitted by the tailor a few months ago - let's just say it fits where it touches. I told him to include a couple of buttons on each cuff to try and perk it up a bit, which he duly did - sadly he baulked at my request for turn-ups in the trousers. I removed the brass belt hooks myself to enable my Sam Brown to sit correctly.

    Sometime before Christmas an edict, from someone clearly very busy and important, crossed my desk ordering us all to stop calling it FAD. It is to be known as No2 Dress or Service Dress depending on your relationship to the salt. The label within declares that it is No2 Dress Army All Ranks - That should answer your original question.
  9. The RHG/D officers in my regiment have managed to wangle turn ups on their trousers, although it is known for the household division to do things their own way every now and then...
  10. Queensman does the label still instruct you not to iron your new uniform or have they managed to hide that piece of nonsense.
  11. That label is only in use on uniforms issued to the TA.
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  12. My bold.

    Money was available for tailoring, but only for some alterations. Length of trousers, button position is OK but length of sleves not covered!

    So my trousers were shortened in order for my sleeves to be the right length!
  13. what is the score with the shoes...are they supposed to be highly polished or bulled??
  14. We wear patent leather george boots with no1s/FAD/barrack dress. Its the only way.