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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Snips, Aug 12, 2002.

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  1. Did you know, that if you have the laser treatment on your eyes (so you don't have to wear glasses or contacts anymore), you are immediately medically downgraded and that's permanently.

    Is this the same for the regs?

    I'm still going to have it done - I just won't tell them... ;)
  2. yeah it is the same and the trick is not to tell them.. so you'll be fine.
  3. dont u think they will notice u have stopped putting ur glasses on. what about your next medical?
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I got Lasered nine years ago, and no-one noticed.  PULHEEMS are a joke anyway, so no problem there.  I have also saved a fortune on glasses, contact lenses, solutions, etc.  Makes orienteering and shooting much more fun again, so definitely a good thing.

    I thoroughly recommend it - I presume that the only reason it is 'discouraged' in the Forces is in case it goes wrong, and you sued for a pension from what is really a self-inflicted wound. It is acceptabl for the Police and Fire Service, so why not us?
  5. Agreed - this issue really needs to be addressed at the highest level.

    I'd like the op too (no, not that one ;) ) but I'm told in no uncertain terms that the Army a. will not pay for it and b. will not allow me to have it.

    At the same time, I am aware of at least three 'girlies' who have had breast enlargements!, paid for by YOU the taxpayer.......

    This situation is a farce and is yet another example of the MoD pandering to the whims and demands of the, err, 'tits and tears' element....

    Flame away! ;)
  6. I agree Eagle - I know of a girl who has had a boob job (paid for by herself of course), had to do light duties for several weeks but is now back to normal and ok. She had this done for vanity reasons, whereas my eyes is a medical reason.
    Yet she has not been downgraded, what if she's crawling through the undergrowth and one of them 'pops' - there's always that risk.
    I don't think it's fair that I should be permanently downgraded for an (almost) essential eye operation, yet other people can increase the size of parts of their anatomy and that's ok.
    Well bugger it - I'm having it done and I just won't say anything, and no-one will know because I wear lenses not glasses.
  7. if you ask nicely they might laser etch your corneas with sight graticules ;D
  8. I don't know all the ins and outs of the laser treatment for eyes but I have been led to believe that there are a number of considerations that have been taken into account before decreeing that mil pers are not allowed to have the treatment. Two 'reasons' I have heard suggested are:

    1.  It is still a relatively new treatment and the long term effects are still not known (Someone mentioned there is an increased risk of damage to the eyes in the event of 'trauma' - this obviously a higher risk in mil pers than in your average civvie)

    2.  There is a risk/increased incidence of a 'halo' effect developing with peripheral vision - again not something your average civvie would need to be too concerned about but which cld have an effect on mil skills.

    I'd be happy for someone to support/discredit these claims with sound facts! My comments are based on hearsay only. Maybe if it is proven to be 'safe' then the rules will be relaxed?
  9. I don't know whether I can supply any facts, let alone sound ones, but:

    I was told, when taking a medical at my TAC by a doctor, who had glasses, that the operation would not prevent your eyesight deteriorating in the future. However, the op. can't be done twice, so future deterioration can't be reversed. Further, once you've had the op, you can't wear contacts (not a problem for several years after, one would hope).

    A few years ago I saw a TV prog. about this. It showed a conference of the world's leading practitioners of this operation. Funnily enough, they all seemed to wear glasses......

    The prog also mentioned the halo effect, and that the long term effects are not known.
  10. On the upside regarding  this, the US army have recently initiated a program whereby troops/recruits who have defective vision can have this operation and serve as any other soldier, AND have the DoD pay for it. While it's best to remember they are perfectly happy for their elite troops (let alone regulars) to wera glasses/contact lenses, it does suggest laser eye surgery isn't very bad news. I'm thinking the MoD might allow this for all troops if only to alleviate recruitment and retention problems, even if the soldiers have to pay for it themselves. OR - as before. Don't tell them :).
  11. Strange how the MOD are happy to inject squaddies with a cocktail of vaccines not knowing what the short (or long) term effects may be - health wise or compensation wise, but when it comes to laser surgery paid for by the individual they ban it!
  12. Thought I'd update this one, having read the papers this week.

    Apparently there is a laser op that instead of bringing vision to 20/20 takes it to 20/10 (i.e better than excellent).

    US SF/Seals are having this paid for by generous US govt.

    Never happen here...........