New execution date set for Briton

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Hescoheed, Jul 21, 2006.

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  1. Could someone please help explain how the two tier court system works in Pakistan, I am a tad confused.

    Do you have to be a muslim to be tried by an Islamic court? or does it only have to be the victim?

    If the countries legal sytem quashes the conviction how can a religious court say different? It completely devalues the countries proper legal system surely. Thats the last time I go on holiday to a muslim country if there is a chance you can get innocently caught out.
  2. Sharia law (religious) law is paramount under the Pakistani constitution so even if the a secular court says the man is not guilty
    that verdict is held to be null and void, if an Islamic court (which can bring whoever it wants to court) rules otherwise.
    However saying that in practice religious minorities tend to be tried under the secular system.
    The burden of proof and validity of evidence is also much less (imho) than in the secular system.
  3. And a former TA soldier to boot.

    Just a moment, though. He was 18 and a former TA soldier? edited: cancel query, he was still serving at the time.
  4. Thanks for that. Sounds as though the Islamic court system is fairly medieval in its structure. I'm so glad I reside in a decent country, but then again our legal sytem can be a bit of a lottery sometimes, but at least they won't hang you anymore even if the conviction is questionable.

    Cheers Castlereagh
  5. Court cases so far:
    1989 Lahore High Court - found guilty of murder, sentenced to death.
    1992 Appeal Court - found discrepancies and quashed the death sentence.
    1994 Retrial - found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment.
    1996 Appeal Court - quashed conviction.
    1996 Federal Sharia Court (a week later) - found guilty of robbery, sentenced to death.
    2003 Pakistani Supreme Court - reviewed case, upheld death penalty.
    2004 Pakistani Supreme Court - reviewed case, upheld death penalty.

    2006 Family of dead taxi driver refuse an offer of £18,000 to revoke the death penalty.
  6. What TA unit was he in?

    I am surprised there hasn't been more comment.
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    How about a bit of support for the poor bloke? He is a serving TA member (although his attendance has probably been poor recently) and, I fear, if he had been in prison anywhere other than in Pakistan he would have been far more of a cause celebre.

    If we are talking about sending Christmas boxes to troops on Ops, how about something for him? Not a Christmas box, obviously, though.

    Can we get another ARRSE collection going, as we have done on previous occasions? He's a British Soldier, rotting in a craphole, and deserves the support of his Comrades. A few bob for some home comforts may mean a lot to hm - perhaps via his family, as I understnad his Brother is still serving?
  8. Looking at the date of the original post it looks like the time of execution has passed.
  9. Come on guys, he's one of ours.
  10. The date has been delayed. Prince Charles has stirred himself, requesting clemency. BBC link here
  11. I don't think he has been killed yet. letters to mp's?

    count me in for a donation of some kind if we can figure out where to put our money.

    quite shocked that this hasn't recieved more publicity, mods please sticky this one as time is obviously running out for this bloke and something needs to be done yesterday.
  12. I quite agree - regardless of his dubious guilt, his treatment has been appalling.

    Quite right - we can't cherry pick our favourite cases of distress. He is a comrade and would appear to deserve better. Letters to MPs, sticky thread please mods and can anyone find a fighting fund online? Amnesty perhaps?
  13. You will get info from Fair Trials Abroad

    Click here
  14. He got a new date for execution. I think it was more about political expediency, as a certain Royal was due to visit Pakistan whilst the poor guy was due to be executed.
  15. I do not think much of a system that will revoke the death penalty if the 'blood money' (aka compensation) is high enough! The idea of a two-tier system is bad enough. Islamic Sharia Law is supposed to be fair.......

    I do not object to a death penalty as such, but in this case it seems that the eliment of doubt is very high, and on the face of it 'Self Defence' That is if we are hearing the true story?

    He is sentanced to death under Sharia law for the lesser crime of THEFT of a Taxi, not Murder

    Nothing to do with Charlies visit - Sentance cannot carried out during Ramadan which is 24th Sept. – 23rd Oct

    It is set to be 1st of November I beleave? This man has already spent 18 years in a Pakistain Prison.... No wonder people cannot remember the case!