New Eurovox ex5000 pvr

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by jaybee2786, Aug 29, 2008.

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  1. The new eurovox ex5000 pvr are going for Aprox £170. they come with a notebook harddrive 120g so can record around 60 hrs of tv.
    You can get them without the hard drive cheaper.
    Did i say using these allows you to get free cable!!!!!!!!!!

    you can buy your own hard driver (120 GB Western Digital WD1200BEVE Scorpio Blue, 2.5" IDE (PATA), 5400 rpm, 8MB Cache, 12 ms £28.49 £33.48) at this link:

    And it is not illegal to own one or sell them, but virgin are dead against you using them while conneted to there cable (shame)

    The link for the software is here link:
  2. Got an EX1000 being delivered in the morning. Does it work out the box? My setup is from Branson.
  3. nope but you will get the software here ex1000

    or pm if you need more info
  4. Nice one,
  5. carlbcfc check your pm's
  6. As it's theft of service that's why won't be able to use them if the tec's who do the disconnects do their job right and cease the cable out in the street somewere. Just a word of warning VM will procute anyone found using them and they can check via the network for hooky boxes :wink:
  7. Untill then ill just enjoy some extra tv.

    To be honest with you if they wernt such a bunch of robbing cnuts who over charge you for 3 months worth of TV repeated over the year then id pay full wack.

    Ive been a telewest & sky customer and paid the full for service. Now ive moved and are with VM i took the all 3 for £16.50 ...which turned out to be £27...then was offered a "no obligation special promo" for 3 months at £7.50 extra for the XL package (not including sports by the way)..

    ...the 3 months was up...i said back to the original deal please.....they said NO you cant downgrade...leaving the bills at £41 per month as they didnt mention if you change package you eneter a new 12 month contract and cant go back.

    After hours on the phone i got it back down but to £25 and got myself a eurovox.
  8. Just as well when I move I'll be getting a staff package for £10 a month :wink:
  9. Good deal that, if only they were avliable to customers. Surely if it was cheaper they would get more customers.
  10. How many times have you thought that rule should apply to other companies out there. Just for the record and this is not a wah! I have no idea what a EX5000PVR is or does. So, care to enlighten?
  11. Im prety new to it too so i can be corrected but ill give you the basics. If you have a cable connection into your house you can purchase a digital reciever that is just like your average sky/cable box.....only this box opens every channel from porn to pay per view.

    My understanding is every few months they get scrambled so you download new firmware (p1ss easy) and your on again. Naughty i know but fuk me we pay enough in this country already so enjoy the little perks when you can.

    They range from £80-£180 from standard to HD.
  12. Nope remember we have to buy stations from Sky have network to maintain etc. It would make your eyes water no matter what the price was people would still want it for free. The reason there will be price hikes is you suddenly have less paying customers due to the ressesion/chipped boxes you have ot generate the income from somewhere.
  13. When you say VM can trace them that is not 100% correct since the eurovox has no links i.e. mac address or customer ref no, they cannot be traced to a specific address only to a set area or node.And if VM want to gain access they must give notice and they cannot turn up at your door and demand entry. Cable company's make very little money from cable tv due to the cost of sky tv programs, they do make money from there telephony and broadband side. In saying that they are having problems with there cable modems being hacked and cloned. but that is another thread
  14. The engineer who installed the cable tried to sell me a eurovox for £120 & said he can do 20mb BB for same prices. Not much chance when an engineer tells you to cancel it in a few days and buy from him.
  15. its easy to sort both the tv and the cable modem,

    One THING TO BE CAREFUL OF AND THAT'S CLONED BOX'S the problem is not that they are cloned but if you use the wrong firmware on the wrong box its a bugger to sort out but can still be fixed either by jtag or work a rounds through the RF out puts