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New Eurofighters - Colchester Military Festival 16-17 June

Just to clarify. Those 5 gas guzzling Eurofighter typhoon's were BRAND NEW UK OWNED AIRCRAFT. Billion pounds well spent then.

They flew from Colchester to Pall Mall that weekend for the the queens birthday apparently. They looked good.


The absense of WW2 PLANES was noticed and where were our Jump Jets or shouldn't we ask!
I was in and around. Two spits? aerobatics? You know what i mean though, the lancaster the hurricane and the spitfire together. Was that there?
There were 2 spits( did a small display) the WW2 flypast as well as those very expensive eurofighters flew over the town, unfortunatly some 3 miles North of the arena.
Thats a wicked link.

I didn't know we had three working spits now. We should re-assign them!!!!!
I wish I could have seen it. But those typhoons are worth a butchers, the arsenal they carry underneath is amazing!

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