New EU Army

I see that the Euro MP's are looking again at creating an EU Army. We will be expected to supply personnel, kit and funding. F*ck me we can't even afford to keep our own Army , let alone funding another one.
Any sources to this claim?
And be armed with an FN FAL?:mrgreen:
Blocked by the Inclusivity Policy I am afraid, there is no Wheelchair attachment available for the FN FAL, also sub committee 14b of the Heath & Saftey panel questioned the saftey aspects of having something that powerfull and proposed a new EU Standard for the Leathality Quota, whilst this wont be finalised until 2018 the recomendation is that the new standard being Airsoft with bright orange rounds, but this is subject to the Discussions relating to the disposal of non toxic waste scheduled for November 2021
Loss of county regiments, Battalions listed by numbers, reducing the size of the army, we are already treading the path to a EU army. Like a lot of things the government does, it's happening by stealth.
Everyone I know thats worked for the EU has been paid a mint. You never know, we could be quids in in their Army!
You've obviously never had the pleasure of serving with EUFOR. Oh, the satisfaction we gained, watching all the other contributing nations' smiling faces as they counted out their 3000 Euro* additional pay each month....

*2005 rates, sure to have increased exponentially.


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if we get in quick then we can reverse the cuts - parliament will pay whatever the EU asks of it cos they all want jobs there to avoid the public hangings due to them. we might get some decent kit out of it. it does smack of joining the losers club though

that fcukwit ashton is in the news again for getting a big payout for doing fcuk all.

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