New equipment for the 'Ology Dept

it would probably be more useful If I pasted the relevant bit, wouldn't it? (I have chastised myself appropriately. No, honest, I have)

"In his 1997 Edinburgh show, the brilliant and subversive comedian Simon Munnery had this thing called the Self-Knowledge Impregnator. If an audience member transgressed by heckling, the imperious Nietzschean character he was playing would shout: “Activate the Self-Knowledge Impregnator!” Six people would then wheel an 8ft black box on stage, which contained a very powerful flash behind a piece of wood with a single word cut out of it. The lights would go out. And then … well, over to Simon. The box “would be placed directly in front of the heckler. And I would go: ‘Are you aware of what you are?’ And they’d go, ‘No’. And then we’d go [FLASH!] and it would burn the word ‘cunt’ on to their retina.”

I saw this show several times. Even if you weren’t the Self-Knowledge Impregnator’s target, you could still see the word every time you shut your eyes for ages afterwards. Don’t tell me we don’t invent beautiful machines in this country any more"
Interesting, but old news. You know that cünt Bob Kane ripped the department off.

Old Sidney the cuntology dept. senior signaller in 1939

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