new eod rifle

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by quiller, Sep 1, 2003.

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  1. Suddenly the engineers seems a lot less like a safer career option! [/quote]
  2. bet these start walking the Spams started with the Barret as an Eod rifle
    now its virtually company support kit. Nothing like turning someone into an icky mess from 1.5k away with a single shot to ruin the bad guys day :twisted:
  3. Yeah, but you've got to hit the target first.

    The reason that the army got the 0.338 Accuracy as the Long-Range Rifle is because sourcing "suitably accurate" 0.50 ammunition just wasn't possible. And because 0.338 was just as good at knocking people down, not to mention somewhat lighter.

    The 0.50 round comes into its own when you want to use something other than a solid bullet (like, say, an explosive round); it may not be great at 1.5km, but it's pretty useful for an EOD team at 300m......

    For your "Company support kit" see "Infantry 2010 CPA section" and the L96......
  4. but you know the spams why settle for just slotting someone when you can Blow them apart literally :lol:
    mind you shooting at a 1000lb bomb from 300metres away with explosive bullets i'think i'll pass