I believe i read on a previous thread that the RMAS part of the current EOC course which is 4 weeks, is being extended to 10 weeks. Is this true? when will it start? Is it on the RMAS part that is being extended? and why?

Yes it will be longer and a bloody good thing that is too. The old course woefully prepared anybody without a few years in the ranks for military service as an officer
That makes complete sense, will the extended RMAS section still be soildering skills and leadership skills rather than trade (Nursing Skills) or will they incorperate medical stuff in RMAS?

I like the idea of more green training as 4 weeks seemed short considering army nurses are practicing in FOBs on operations (so ive red anyway).
As Karabiner is well placed to know and has stated, the RMAS PQO course is being developed, falling out of that will be a re-vamped AMS EOC. Course dates are not established and the situation continues to be fluid. Anyone expecting to be on this course unfortunately just has to sit tight and await confirmation and JIs once promulgated. I am looking forward to seeing the outcome - rest assured that an awful lot of work will have gone into all phases of EOC.

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