New Entrants.

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CRmeansCeilingReached said:
might wanna repost this in the TA forum too - doubt if they look in the RHQ (cos it's usually down the other end of the country lol)

anyway, thought nobody in the TA did it for the pay!
This may be specific to the TA but I'll see what you can tell me. On the various pay scales there is an entry for "New entrants" getting a rate of £29.xx a day, what I am interested in is how long soldiers are in this category and when they progress to pte at around £34 odd a day. Is it a fixed one year term from entry, only while in basic training or valid until after trade training is complete?

I've come accross a few cases where trade trained soldiers minus driving are still on new entrants pay, while soldiers who joined at same time and same training are on full pay - obviously something wrong there.. I kow people in the TA are certainly not there for the money, but getting what we're entitled to is nice.
Have you not heard, it's a new form of ascii but is british american, not many get through said training so remain stuck on new entrants.

Hmm, if it's basic training then there's a few people who need to be informed, no problem for myself but I've met a few who are affected, any more info is useful though.
Do not be too hasty to rip up the spelling of people you have never met...

TA_sig said:
I kow people in the TA are certainly not there for the money, but getting what we're entitled to is nice.
i think you will find that pay for us Territorials is going to become more and more important to the indidvidual soldier given the increased commitments we will being expected to fulfill. TA isnt going to be seen as a hobby for very much longer as we are drawn closer to the regular models and are used for more and more deployments.

pay always has been important and it has always annoyed me how casually it has been dealt with in the past in my unit.
At the risk of being *WAH*'d

My pay went up from completion of my trade course. Although, it took 3 months for it to be noticed so got a back-payment (which was slightly confusing as I ended up being paid three times in Jan!!)

But, there was a lass on said course that had already had her pay increase and was getting the full rate of pay, whilst I took home the pikey version!! So it's likely that it's down to the individual Unit/Regiment??

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