"New Entrants"

This may be specific to the TA but I'll see what you can tell me. On the various pay scales there is an entry for "New entrants" getting a rate of £29.xx a day, what I am interested in is how long soldiers are in this category and when they progress to pte at around £34 odd a day. Is it a fixed one year term from entry, only while in basic training or valid until after trade training is complete?
My pay went up from £29.98 (TA new entrant), to £35.30 (TA level 1) the day after I became a trained soldier i.e. on completion of GAP training for our Regiment.

I expect to get £37.37 (TA level 2) when I do a trailer conversion and so fully qualify in my trade as a Class 3 soldier.
might wanna repost this in the TA forum too - doubt if they look in the RHQ (cos it's usually down the other end of the country lol)

anyway, thought nobody in the TA did it for the pay!

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