New England Jersey-Why?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_matelot, May 16, 2007.

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  1. Seems very fair to me.


    My coat, please.
  2. WTF has that strip got any link to England, sorry, eengeeerlaand
  3. Feck me, when I first saw the red one I thought it was an old Arsenal strip
  4. New England Jersey-Why?

    Cash £££££ :?
  5. Would you buy the new jersey???
  6. If I remember correctly, in the dim and distant days of the plain white shirt, England was the only country that didn't have a change strip. The idea was as the first rugby playing nation they didn't have to change. Fiji was the only other team with a plain white shirt and they always wore their change strip when they played England.
    As a side note, when the skin tight lycra shirt was introduced, there was a warning that you had to be 'of a build' in order to wear it without looking like a fat bluta. Props beware!!
  7. Not unless we might win something? ^^\' Then i may be tempted, though I think I'll stick my old top :crazy:
  8. Fucking backs. We provide the platform, they provide the strips that take the piss.
  9. M'lud, all backs are gay.

    Here lies the evidence...


    You couldn't get more fcuking gay if you tried!!!
  10. Indeed mate, speaking as a prop myself (deadly from 2 metres out) I know what you mean. Oh how I used to laugh as we pushed the opposition off their ball only to have our backs drop it like they were afraid it would explode.
  11. Humph...that comes from "My book of things props say in the club-house but can't actually replicate 99 times out of a hundred on the field" doesn't it??
  12. M'lud all England players are gay.

    Here lies the evidence

    Along with seeing them mincing about the pitch...

    (stand by....)
  13. Those who've played with me can vouch for the fact that no pack with me in it goes backwards.....LOL then again it might be because if I were any larger I'd have my own gravity :D
  14. I take it the designer got his idea from the Captain Marvel comics