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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by hurrahfortheRE, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone heard the rumours of the Engineers TA about to open in Elgin, Scotland andwhat the regular soldier jobs will be?
  2. The only new TA RE units north of the border planned under FAS(TA) are the formation of 124 Fd Sqn in Cumbernauld and 236 Fd Sqn at RAF Kinloss. Reg imput will probably be 1 x WO and 1 x SNCO but possibly more during formation / conversion.

    The only unit in Elgin is R Sigs post FAS (51 Sig Sqn)

    Unless someones changed everything of course
  3. I believe that 51 Highland Platoon in Kirkwall, Orkney is re-rolling to RE.
  4. The unit in Orkney is now 10 TP RE. As for 236 a lot of rumour control is going around (and here we are adding to it). It will most likely be located in Elgin however i have been to the TAC in Elgin and no one seemed to know much about it (This was early May i was up there). 124 Fd Sqn will be located in Cumbernauld in the TAC that was occupied by the old 52 Lowland Regiment. No dates for the FAS move however the rumour mill is saying Late 06 - early 07.
  5. Sorry to be pedantic The unit who moved out of "What's it Called", Cumbersneckles. was E, A and S.H. Coy. 51st Highland. Otherwise known as the 'Weegie Wannabes'. The members have moved over to the Assault Pioneer Pl in Stirling.

    Sorry, had to be done. :roll:


    Hows crazy Bob. :wink:
  6. Still crazy, even though we cant talk about him in a derogitory way. Elgin is looking good as a temporary site until Kinloss can provide real estate.
  7. delete formation, insert resurrection :D

    for the benefit of the originator - current Fd Sqn ORBATs have 2 regular LSNs - a Plant PSI (SNCO) and a QMSI(Cbt) however the ORBATs for post FAS have yet to be put in the public domain, as far as I know, so it is difficult to say what the steady state requirement for regulars will be.

    However, I would strengthen B_S's "possibly" to an "almost definitely" more regular posts during formation.


    from what I've read on here this Bob fella sounds great, a real catch for the Corps....


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    shouldn't that be

  8. As a member of Elgin Troop, 51 Sig Sqn, we have heard nothing, at the present time, about sharing the Edgar Road TA Centre with 236 Fld Sqn. In fact, 32 Sig Regt would love to see the troop expand as much as possible. There is even "pie in the sky" talk of the ex-51 HIGHLAND members of Elgin Troop even eventually forming a FP Troop.

    As the site is also used by the ACF, ATC and SCC I don't see how there is going to be room for them as well. And certainly not for their plant equipment.

    Seeing as 236 would be a competitor for recruits, in an area that's not exactly densely populated, I suspect, and would hope, that they are actually going to be housed at RAF Kinloss itself as there's plenty of room there, both for them and for their equipment.
  9. All plant is now part of the C Veh PFI and as such no equipment is held by the units (except maybe a token LWT), a bid is submitted for whatever bit of plant it is you need and it is delivered to the grid you specify.

    Actually there isn't. All of the accomodation which formerly housed the RE Sqn at Kinloss was reallocated after SDR in '99 when the Sqn was disbanded and I understand that one of the things about FAS was that it was a wonderful "No-Cost" plan which made little or no allowance for the construction of new TA Centres.

    Frankly, putting the Sqn in Elgin or 30 miles down the road will make no difference on the massive impact on recruiting for all units in the area. It won't be easy for anyone and I would hope that units would talk to each other and deconflict as much as possible.

    I would suggest they should even {Now sit down all you grown ups out there} co-operate {There, I've said it} to get the overall TA numbers in the area up and worry about cap badges later, but I'm afraid I have pollished all of the rose tinting off my specs trying to get them extra shiny...
  10. He is in next weekend!!! :p
  11. Greetings Axeman, How is the mis-employed Armoured Farmer?
  12. I have to confess that I didn't know this. I can only assume that this is yet another incidence of where government penny pinching has left the army in a parlous state.

    Just how much room would be required to house this new squadron in reality? Especially seeing as it will not hold any equipment of its own, other than probably Land Rovers, green fleet Astras and 4 tonners? Though I have no doubt the Station Staff would probably claim otherwise accomodation could probably be found relatively quickly. Also, was RAF Lossiemouth also considered, as the new Squadron location, when re-establishment was mooted?

    Laudable sentiment, but, unfortunately, isn't happening. While a good few stayed with the new Signal Troop in Elgin, some of the the lads, from 51 HIGHLAND, either left or moved to other 51 HIGHLAND locations like Aberdeen, Buckie, Keith or Inverness rather than re-badge. You also should remember that the TA in the area have to also "compete" with the RAuxAF Regt at RAF Lossiemouth in the form of 2622 Squadron. If I remember correctly, Elgin Troop is currently running at something like 103/104% of authorised strength. So it might be conceivable that any new prospective TA recruits might be persuaded to join 236 Sqn instead. But, in an area like Elgin, people do join to be with their friends, family etc, not to mention that word of mouth goes a long way. To be honest, I am not sure that there are enough bodies around to staff a Squadron, a troop - quite possibly, but not a Squadron.

  13. When is he going to Edinburgh for his Gaps Trg. :?
  14. No really the only TA regiment in elgin is the highlanders which i heard were getting replaced by my old SQN 236 which were disbanded in 1999.
  15. Christ Sweaty if that wot you call your old out station mates, I shudder to think what you call Dumbartons Finest????? 8O