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Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by 123, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. 123

    123 LE

    When will the NEM be announced? What will it be? Any ideas?
  2. A very good question. I had heard October-ish but after the prevaricating over the announcement of A2020 who knows. If anyone does, then pipe up! Also, is the Future Armed Forces Pension Scheme being announced then? I understand that FAFPS won't kick in until c 2015 (post-Herrick, at the exact moment the public no longer give a rat's arrse about 'Tommy Atkins'...). I was thinking about FAFPS the other day and given that we expect to move to a contributory pension scheme, does that then mean we will be paid more in our basic salary? It should, because as someone on here said on another thread we are annually told by the Armed Forces Pay Review Body that our "X factor" takes account of our marvellous pension scheme (AFPS 75 / 05). Following this logic, if the pension is about to get worse, then the X factor should take account of this otherwise?

    However, the likelihood of the new pension coming hand in glove with a pay rise across all ranks?....
  3. the likelihood of a pay rise coming hand in glove with a rise in food and accommodation charges, reduction in allowances and loss of privileges....100%
  4. 123

    123 LE

    True. Money has to be saved. I don't think they would make the pension scheme contributory only to then give everyone a pay rise. That would just be nonsense paper shuffling type stuff. There's got to be a financial hit somewhere, somehow.

    A fair point about the timings of the new pension scheme, it made me think. But perhaps a little cynical - they probably want to make sure the armed forces are financially secure whilst there is still work to be done. Introducing the FAFPS beforehand would be seen as an even bigger insult surely. Politicians and high heads, they just can win.