New efforts to maintain morale in Iraq!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by IdeasFactory, Nov 12, 2004.

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  1. Now, I've checked back in posts for the last few days and it may be that this has already gone up for discussion. If so, shoot me down in flames, but surely you must have all seen this:

    My professional brain says "NOOOOO!!" but my gut reaction is definitely "Good on 'em! Keep the lads' spirits up!".

    The News of the Screws puritan attitude is just fukcing hypocritical, though.

  2. You mean the MOD took the video??? 8O

    Quite amusing caption considering the nature of the photo it was under!

  3. Ah, and there was me thinking it meant 'common as muck'. :wink:
  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Ideas, the thread is in the NAAFI Bar:

    "Alright - own up then who was it, or was there?"

    As you say, the NOTW attitude is just hypocritical - but what would you expect from tabloid journos ?

    They're just one rung from the bottom on the evolutionary ladder - above government ministers of course......
  5. much better photos than where in the screws. The one in the pink undies is a little cracker!!! Pant!!
  6. I'm sorry, what have they done wrong,

    surely we should be encouraging this sort of thing :D :D
  7. Now, Why do you think the last one ended up in the Naafi Bar?

    More importantly, why do you think the appropriate place for this thread is in Current Affairs?

    Time for another house clean methinks.
  8. What a complete load of absolute bollox.

    1. There certainly aren't any girls lke that in the Royal Engineers (more's the pity). :(

    2. How those spineless, ignorant, hypocritical wankers from the NOTW have got the audacity to use words like "squalid" and "depraved" is beyond belief.

    3. "Many pictures of the scenes are too disgusting to print in a family newspaper."

    Give me strength ! :roll: :roll: :roll:

    4. Even if it were true (and let's face it a helmet in the background is hardly conclusive proof) so what? Anything that brings an increase in morale (without hurting anyone) in that God forsaken shitehole get's my vote.
  9. Ethel, they arn't regular toffee wrappers. Maybe these threads should be put in the TA section.
  10. Aww, chill out, PTP. :D
    I have always wondered what an "Urgent Probe" looked like. :lol:
  11. never having served maybe i ought not to comment BUT.............

    those ladies are consenting adults, and i think anything that boosts moral, gets people smiling and releases tension can only ever be a good thing. nobody was getting hurt, except maybe those whose view was somewhat resticted. good on em!

    re NOTW, its only any good if you run out of toilet roll!
  12. I thought that was where I started it :roll: ...... Oops :wink:
  13. Sure beats 'walking the dawgs'...