New education credit allowance

Can anyone please help me out? What is the deal with the new education credit allowance? I have been told something about £10,000 over 4 years, not sure if thats right, but that is all people here can tell me. I'm keen on using it but don't understand what it involves. Please help!!!!
You have been given half a story as is usually the case. The grant you are looking for is Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) and is a max of £6000. There are various qualifying conditions and the DCI governing the claiming and the actual courses available has yet to be published (should be out early Feb) Suggest you spk to your unit rep on education or call your local Army Education Centre for more info.
Thanks Flame,

At least someone knows something. :roll: I want to study for a degree, can anyone help me out in how helpful will the Army be for time off and helping me with the course itself!

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