Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by shortarms, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. As advised by Aunty Stella to start a new one for this.

    Either someone has stolen his kit and wants to replace on the QT or its fecking weird. If he's serving then he can pop down the clothing store but the bayonet and the medal for a run just starts the alarm bells ringing.
  2. Now if he was just a civvy collector of military equipment, fair enough, he might well want a ressie case, S10, spare cartridge, reversible RMP jacket, RMP brassard, Corporal metal stripes, and a commemorative RMP medal. It would make a slightly odd collection but hey!

    If you see him reselling gear as what he used when he fought off the Taliban singlehanded do flag it up!
  3. Methinks he is TA RMP (116 is an Volunteer Pro Coy). Very worrying if he is, as all this stuff is issued.

    maybe he wants freewn entry to Military events, the pikey!
  4. Still undecided on this one, but hope it doesnt mean that anyone selling kit on EBAY is going to be tracked down and abused.

    Id like it noted that the Landrover jack, spare wheel and warning triangle was for my Fiat Punto.

    Also the Challenger 2 roadwheel I sold last month was given to me as a present by my gran for Christmas.
  5. Was your gran an 'A' mech too? Plus i would have thought that you would be more of a ford Ka sort of person.

    Do all these new threads mean that there is a witch hunt going on...not sure if that would be a good idea as though i agree with fcuking over Mo because of what he said when trying to sell his No2's and all the other crap he spouted, we dont want to get a rep as being a vindictive site for every walt on the web do we? So i agree with some of the others in that we should be careful about who is exposed and what for if it is harmless.
  6. i am actuelly after a complete rmp uniform as early as possible--60s 70s
    to go in the cold war section of the museum,, if anyones got one they now dont wish to sell...
    thanks all in advance..
  7. Just to put my tuppenceworth in.Tearing into everyone who sells anything military was never what the Mo thread was about, nor is it why I started the thread highlighting sunray's concern about the 'mess dress'. However I do feel in light of Mo's actions, and our reaction, it would be unjust not to highlight others who are misrepresenting themselves/ any military item they advertise for the sake of a quick buck. Let us not forget that Mo was on ebay for quite sometime before he stepped so far over the mark his safety was in doubt. People playing silly beggars with obvious walt items are laughable.However, falsely claiming to be a member of HMForces (or in the case of those who serve/d claiming to be something other than they were/are ) is not acceptable.
  8. PG,

    Have you tried the RMP Museum for a loan of said uniform? They have quite a lot of clothing hanging around and not on display. Worth a try mate and you may even get the stuff free gratis.