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hello everyone, new user here and mainly just after information on a couple of items i have which are possibly going to go onto ebay next week unless somebody can made a sensible offer on them.

First one is a havesack (sp) or pouch for a gun cleaning kit, in beige with a long sholder strap
there is no indication what era it is and i have not been able to find anything like it on the web as all those are either plastic or canvas.

secondly is a pamphlet, the only date i have found is 1940, 30 pages, detailing all ranks in various forces, the original cover is missing

any infos on these items will be appreciated and if i can, i will post some pics or links in the next few days
Beige pouch with long strap.
Without a photo I can only guess!
Spare parts wallet for a Bren?
- 37 pattern webbing?
Would hold a spare barrel and cleaning kit.

Issued ? well 1937 and might still have been around/stock/issue during the 80's
pics of said item:

im not all that bothered if its rare or not or how much it would be worth to a collector, just the name of it but i do know what
its for.

It IS a spare parts wallet for the 303 Bren. Not worth much I am afraid as there are thousands on the market. Best of luck. Ditto the pamphlet.
looks like a non-doctor deluxe vibrator, available from Ann Summers.
FF - I agree.

That explains why my missus was upset and there was a smell of singed hair last time I was home on leave!
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