New e-petition - Increase Defence Spending - Sign up & share today

Although I agree with the sentiments, I am not going to sign that childish petition. You have not given a reason why. A petition that has well though out reasoning will actually get noticed. That one will just get binned.
Before we add money to the pot, far better to establish what we already spend the money on, what we can stop spending it on and what we can then spend it on more effectively. I commend to you the Grimstone report, available on the MOD web site which contains such gems as the MOD having some 86,000 Civil Servants on the books..... costing £1.2B... and being examined with an aim of achieving economies of between 25 and 40%. And thats just one area of focus at the moment.
What they said, plenty of cash available but bent,backhanding,sluggish,fat hotel dwelling wasters in the top tier of the British military/MOD are busy using it as loo roll or buying ridiculous equipment to secure decent jobs/shares once they've finished ******* the system.
I did sign one of those there e-petitions. It was a very popular one that said stop wasting peoples time with these stupid e-petitions, and start getting on with the job of governing the country.
If MoD organise themselves efficiently, that alone will provide them with considerably more spending power.
I'm sure I read recently that inflation is running at about 5%? If that's so, you're petitioning for an actual reduction in defence spending, surely?

Anyway, just who do you propose is going to cough up all this "extra" money?

Go back, do your homework again.

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