New E Petition about MPs expenses


I'll post a link when its approved for publishing. This is so easy that I recommend we all badger the buggers into action.
Mine is;
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Stop the greed of MPs using public money to buy second homes

Submitted by fat git – Deadline to sign up by: 8 July 2009

Category: Government, politics and public administration

More details:

If a person wishes to serve their electorate as an MP then sacrifices must be made, singkle ensuite rooms with shared kitchens on a ration of one per 4 persons can be created using the MoD SLAM upgrade as a model. Public transport or dedicated secure minibuses to transport the MPs to work can be provided. For those who have bought using public funds they are to sell the homes and return the full funds to the public exchequer.
Thats my persec blown but its worth it!

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