New Duty Uniform

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by conco, Nov 14, 2009.

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  1. We have been told we are getting the sizing packs in January for the new Duty Uniform! 8O

    Has anyone actually seen what we are getting, and if so what is does it look like?

    Oh and what are we supposed to be getting, as in amount? Has anyone got any photos?

    This has been promised before, on numerous occasions but funding has always been the trouble.

    All I can say is if they are going to give it to us then please do so we don’t look like Gestapo or just scruffy gits on Duty. :oops:

    If they can’t give us the new kit then bring back the old Barrack dress.
  2. Crap is it that much of a secret?

  3. Stick your Barrack dress up your hoop. :wink:
  4. Only a fucking RMP would say that.
  5. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Have seen the new kit, It's shite.

    How can we spend so much money on that crap when people are going without on tours.

  6. seconded!! fecking crap
  7. Seems that a form of Barrack Dress is on the cards and is being issued at our place next week. The kecks are macine washable and the shirts a kind of "Officer" colour. Depressing really. For comfort and utility you can't beat 95, has it REALLY been that long ?

    Thank God it isn't trousers plastic, belt plastic etc.
  8. Feck!! I remember the days when getting into Barrack Dress was a step up!!

    Trying to drive a 3/4 ton Lanny in No2 jacket along the Autobahn, with all the boxheads over takin you!!! Yester year!!

    God!! I'M old!!
  9. I think you are on about Future Army Dress (FAD) as oppose to a specific RMP duty uniform.
  10. And what are the Scottish regiments going to wont be FAD thats for sure...
  11. Do they still size you lot in hectares?
  12. are there any pics available for the fad for rmp??
  13. I heard it was going to be all black with a big red and black armband.
  14. Prepare for incoming.............................................. :D
  15. I think you are confusing a new duty dress with the new 'No2' dress which the majority are getting sized for in Jan / Feb.

    In line with the seemingly ever-increasing push towards Tri-serviceability in my opinion, duty dress for RMP / Naval Regulators / RAF(P) should be black 'lightweights' and black shirt / jumper.