New Druggie Burden Back from Laos


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Like the way she artificially inseminated herself with the j1zz of a fellow Brit drug smuggler who was more than twice her age....class. Now he is trying to get a lenient sentence on the basis of him being the Father. Oh dear. Well, at least she is in the right place - Broken Britain. And she will be out in about 8 years, probably. unlike the 'life means life' in Laos.
This was the comment that surprised me...........

Her mother was flying into London from Dublin in the hope of seeing her daughter.

I was expecting her to fly in from Lagos...........possibly in the hope of finding out where the rest of the consignment was stashed, and to recover the codewords for the village 'boiler room' enterprise.

Edited to add:

..........and to arrange to have the offspring sold off to her Chinese 'organ-harvesting' contacts
This utter waste of space should have been executed in Laos now the taxpayer here will have to fund this bitch and her chav to be offspring.
Life sentance? I'd be fcuking amazed if she serves more than 4 years. No doubt the Human Rights lawyers are getting wet thinking about this case... :roll:

Probably sue the Gub'mint because they did'nt get her out fast enough! :x
jarrod248 said:
I wonder if a kindly mod could move this to the NAAFI?
I wonder if a kindly mod could leave it where it is.
Am I right in thinking we're now importing criminals to fill our already over crowded prisons now?
Closet_Jibber said:
Am I right in thinking we're now importing criminals to fill our already over crowded prisons now?
Yes, but it's being done on a reciprocal basis - we're just about to send one to the US.
She knew the laws of the land and the consequences of her actions and still tried to smuggle smack back to the why the f*ck are we intervening in her case, just makes our country look like a soft touch ( which it is) whats the problem we have'nt got enough criminals so we gotta import them I thought there were prisoners being released early due to overcrowding.........
Commit a crime, knowingly, (ie strap a load of drugs to you) and you should stay in that country and do the time.

If it was a genuine mistake then maybe some effort could be made.
Extremist said:
She should have been killed in jail, not fcuked.
Instead once again our lefties went round the world telling them they're doing it all wrong. :roll:

She should have been killed as per their laws and her child should have been presented to her NoK.
Now now people!

Did not the Dear Leader say that all these immigrants to our shores 'enriched' our lives?
I think that she should have been left to rot in the Laotian jail, but I have to say that I admire her initiative in getting preggers to avoid a death penalty.

It does beg the question as to why the fcuk WE are paying to keep this drug smuggling bitch alive.
She should have been left to rot in Laos, along with the "dad".

The child could have been brought back here and in to care.
The bleeding hearts brigade will be all over this one. Expect her to be given indefinite parole when she goes into labour. My own form of justice would have kept her rotting in that Laos jail.
A heart-warming tale for the "parents" to tell, when their offspring is old enough to be told.

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