NEW Driving legislation !!!! What next

Hello fellow arrsers

Well there was a briefing this weekend at my unit who was on a weekend camp. Speaking to the guys that attends it it seems, as they ahve been told that there is nothing the TA can do for 18 months with regards to the new legislation.

they was given 3 options really

1) Leave the TA
2) Take leave of abscence for upto 18 months
3) find a new job

which seems a very silly way to deal with it

i just wondered what other units are doing, how bad this might be affecting them. Out of my sqaudron alone i know of 4 -5 guys that are affected by it. not saying thats a big loss but at least 3 are those are regular attenders, which can be quite a loss. It will also stop us recruiting from the lorry driver community which i think could be a loss for the TA.

i really can not beleive how this has been allowed to happen at all the goverment in my view had a due care to those TA soldiers and in my view they have been let down. by telling them to leave put there careers on hold for 18 months till it can be sorted or get a new job is wrong, getting a job is hard enough as it stands especially a job that pays like it does for some of these guys. but telling them to change it when its all some people have known for 10+ years. seems very very wrong.

so any help & advice is appreciated, just for info i am not a vocational driver, just concerened for some good freinds i have.
Wat are other units doing.....

Fuck all!

Either get a new job, take 18 months off, or fuck off! But, in all fairness, there isn't much else they can do. Don't blame the units, blame whichever twat with swords on his shoulders who didn't see this coming.
In what way would you like it taken further?

watto135 said:
Out of my sqaudron alone i know of 4 -5 guys that are affected by it. not saying thats a big loss but at least 3 are those are regular attenders
Its not as if they are relied on to drive trucks........ doooh they are.

Its a no win situation, to replace these drivers units will train more C+E. Odds on they will then get employed as civvy drivers, etc


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If there's a problem here, it's that there is simply so much legislation coming into force from the EU that it is hard to keep track of it. The DfT were negotiating on this one for years, and secured an exemption for the MoD. However, they thought that this would be enough, which it obviously is not. I am informed that the DfT and MoD are going back to the EU to get some sort of exemption for Reservist training, but things don't move fast in Brussels, so 18 months is probably a good estimate.

As in most of these things, well-meaning legislation has had unforeseen consequences - this will impact on Retained Fire Services, as well as the TA, and also affect the Cadets.

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