New Driving Age Limit

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 10BA09, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. OK fellow arsers,
    How about the minmum driving age raises 25, all the spotty little freaks will then have to use public transport, congestion willease, and best of all, we wont have to endure clios, saxos, fiesta and micras with big daft exhausts and blacked out windows playing infantile music,
    Just a thought

    Its not that I hate spotty pre pubescent teen mongs or anything
  2. Well, how about a maximum driving age of 60. That way we won't have to endure the timid old grannies creeping in front of you a 35 mph when you're trying to get to work.
  3. Good thinking, but then public transport will be overcrowded with wrinkly old piss smelling catheta wearing grannies, its a no-win no-win!
  4. This is ridiculous.

    RTAs happen to young people through inexperience. All that will happen is that RTAs will start happening to 25 year olds in greater numbers.

  5. Will you please desist from posting common sense replies.
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Now stop being silly, Sven never has anything to say that remotely comes close to common sense. :twisted:
  7. Even better, hows about legally issuing adults over 25yrs with GPMGs so as we can mow the little f*cks down on sight. That way, not only would we clear the roads of stupid little people in their stupid little cars......but we would also prevent the b*stards from breeding, thereby easing the burden on the welfare state that they have become accustomed to fleecing.
  8. Wouldn't it be better to just ban the Chavs from driving? Then we could round them up into Ghettos in a few centralised locations, with guarded entrances.

    It's not like it's difficult to spot Chavs!
  9. Apparently a third of accidents are caused by drivers under 25. To solve this our gloriously inept MPs want to raise the age limit to 18! Why, all that does is delay the same inexperienced driver from getting on the road and gaining...... gues what..... yes...... you've got it.......experience! If they raised the driving limit to 25 then no accidents would be caused by "young" drivers and it would mean that the governments road safety plan was an outstanding success.

    BBC link
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I think it's a great way of getting more people onto public transport. It is in actual fact a win-win situation if you think about it.

    Firstly, we keep all these chav mongs off the road, with their sh!tty blaring music being pumped out by sh!tty speakers from their cr@ppy little cars with the f@rty exhausts and put them on buses and trains.

    Secondly, we keep all the old wrinklies with their p!ss stained keks off the road with their stupid old faces and the moronic little cars that don't do more than 20mph and cuase lots of accidents and put them on buses and trains . . .

    and thirdly, the stupid chav mongs then don't ned to do street robberies or break into houses because they've got a ready supply of cash from the p!ss-stained fuddy-duddies.

    Good news all round!
  11. Fair enough, you get many a "boy racer" with his chavved up "wheels".

    But, what about those of us who dont "bling" our cars up, race around car parks and knock down old biddies?

    Not everyone under 25 drives like a twat.

    More advanced lessons/Testing yes, Raising the age.... Nope.

    Unless, Like class C&D, there is a * "17 if a member of the armed forces" exemption.

  12. Can't say I know many people older than about 18 with spots, since the invention of hygeine back in the 1650s, this stereotype seems to have become a bit outdated.
    As for the clios, saxos, fiestas and micras, I've got to admit, it's impossible to do anything to them without making them look worse than they already do (apart from the new fiestas, which are pretty versatile and look good in a number of guises.

    Got to agree with you about the big daft exhausts as well, I saw one seenut in a fiat CINQUECENTO with a 4" exhaust coming out of the center of his rear bumper, and no other modifications whatsoever. The height of tastelessness perhaps? Was for me anyway, though he prolly thinks it's as hot as lava...

    As for the blacked out windows, they're popular in pretty much all circles, and don't even get me started on "infantile" music. Just because you don't like it doesn't make it infantile, unless you are suggesting that these people are also infants compared to your own advancing years? (As an aside, only posers get by with "shitty speakers", the serious car modifiers tend to spend hundreds of pounds on pioneer, jvc, blaupunkt, sony and aiwa sound systems. Do the names sound familiar?

    No, I'm a live and let live type person. Admittedly, if it were up to me, a few things would be vastly different, most noticably, vast curtailments on people assuming that their preferences and likes and dislikes take percedence over other people's. As that is a catch 22 in itself, and the fact that I let people get on with their own thing, even if I fail to understand what makes it appealing (religion for example), it's probably just as well that I'm not in any kind of control,.
    The same could be said for some of the other loonies on this thread that are not only practising bigotry and intolerance, but actively promoting amateur eugenics and nazi style concentration camps... Still, no law that says you have to like everyone, but I'm sure the same comment rang through the halls of the reichstag some time ago :).

    No, there are a lot of pricks out there that give car modifying a bad bad name, trust me, I work with some of the tasteless morons. But there are just as many that spend thousands of pounds going to specialists and buying decent kit for serious money, having worked hard for said money. It seems a bit unfair to tar all people with the same brush aye? But I spose everyone, even me, is guilty of that from time to time :oops: ...

    Oh dear oh dear...

    Doesn't have a car.
  13. im in my mid 20's and still suffer the odd acne outbreak on my grid, even with proper hygiene and medication, tablets and cream from the med centre they still come back, I also drive a small car although it doesnt have a big exhaust, does this mean I should be banned from the road as well,??

    how about we ban sterotypical tossers like you from driving,

    you obviously think you king dick of the road so are more liable to cause an accident!

    Its not that I hate grumpy washed up self opinionadted mongs or anything :twisted:
  14. Yep, get you off the road as well....spotty.
  15. A lot of the RLC/ All Arms Dvrs are under 25 and the proposal will put a big hole in the it's ability to function. You can't exactly say "there you go son here's your licence for the HET but don't you dare drive your corsa".