New Dress Watches to wear in the mess or for Prizes

We have some new stock in of various Oskar Emil gents and ladies dress watches. We don't sell them at stupid prices like some dealers or high street jewellers. We sell them at what we think is a fair price for these watches. They all look good, come in a proper box and have a five year warranty. We get them from the UK main agent and unlike some - they have proper serial numbers (where applicable).

We have a page setup for watches we think are suitable for wearing to mess functions Click Here to see it.

For example : Oskar Emil sell the Gold Limited Edition Caesium Chrono for £725 Furora sell it online for £555 and we sell it for £99.99

For PMC's looking for prizes for the Summer ball we can supply these watches at probably the UK's lowest prices. They come in either a wooden lacquer box or leatherette box with warranty and instructions,. Most have OE price tags showing their retail price.

The best buy (we think) is the new Bermuda two tone in either black mother of pearl or white mother of pearl face. The gold on it is real 23ct, multiplated so it should wear much better than standard plating. It is very heavy at around 175g and comes in a lacquer box.

Please buy lots of watches, my eldest son is 18 and drinks beer. My wife is addicted to handbags and our new choccy lab pup is eating the furniture :D :D
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