New Dr. Who To Be Announced On Sunday.

Anyone got any good tips for the bookies?
For the first time since the series returned nobody is touting a non-white or female Doctor, which I suspect means you may well be correct.
Do you have to be 18 to register on arrse?
Just asking because this is the mongiest thread in the history of the Internet.
Hope it's an older Dr, like Jon Pertwee.
Peter Capaldi is the favourite, so that could be too.

Although normally every 'hint' that comes out of the production team is a lie.
Rory Kinnear? ( Roy's boy)
It ought to be a PC choice: a black person, a woman or a Dalek.
Feck off. It should be Peter Capaldi in full on Malcolm Tucker mode:-

"DAVROS - you're as much use as a marzipan dildo"

"CLARA - Come the **** in or **** the **** off."

"You were like a sweaty octopus trying to unhook a bra."

"Tucker's Law: "If some **** can **** something up that **** will pick the worst ******* time to ******* **** up because that ****'s a ****!" I've go that embroidered on a tea-towel at home!"

The only way this could be better would be if Gene Hunt drives his Audi up to the Tardis on Sunday.
Rory Kinnear? ( Roy's boy)
Been mentioned also. But then, like I said, the consistent thing about "rumours" since Moffat took over is that they've turned out to be false.

Like, before Jenna Coleman was announced as the new companion you would have had Sophia Myles as a shoo in.
Who's going to be the new person inside bungle if they bring back rainbow?

I needs to know.
We could save money on costumes and partially shave the wookie from the camping club
I reckon good odds could be had on

Ant and Dec or Jeremy Clarkson.

Gok Wan would be a change from the recent move toward romantic involvement between the Dr and women. He could redesign the daleks whilst cupping a cyberman's scrotum and telling him that "silver is just too harsh for you"

Kate Moss could do it, she looks older than ******* Noah and is still always on TV.
They need to mix it up a bit the format is getting a bit tired.

They should film it live and cast "Dr" Peter Sutcliffe and his Sonic Hammer. The Tardis could be re cloaked as a 1968 Leyland wagon.
Gok Wan might work actually!


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As it has to be someone hard and scary enough to take on Daleks and Cybermen, I reckon it should be someone from Mum'sNet.!

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