New DPM?

I work in an army surplus shop, and was recently presented with a strip of goretex, and was told that this was the new British dpm. It was a bit like the canadian digital pattern, but with two shades of green, brown and black. Anyone else heard of this?
Yes it is true.
whilst out in BAS spoke to an ex log branch clothing procurement officer about the american army's new dpm and he stated that we (the british army/forces) were well into the process of getting an all theatre common DPM material. uk, herric, telic and the balkans etc...

hopefully in different weights or desert to arctic to jungle could become uncomfortable...
one-flew-over said:
Sounds like the USMC one before that grey blue one they wear now.
The current woodland MARPAT uniform used by the USMC is brown, green and black.

The greyish ACU uniform is used by their Army.
Prefere the Real Tree stuff thats available in some fishing tackle / shooting shops. They do a Spring, Summer and Autumn variety of camo.

Looks as if it will be much like the existing dpm - good in woods and close up, but too dark and likely to silhouette you at longer ranges.

SLR (Not to be confused with SLR Boy).
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