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New Dog

Picked up my new gundog this morning a lovely Liver and White ESS pup.

Already breaking hearts around the village :D :D :D boy is she a fanny magnet. Hopefully here is to the next 12+ years of puppyhood.
You make me want another one I lost my last spaneil over a
year ago and she was the best dog I have ever owned I could
trust her no end. I worked her alongside another spaniel of
mine and together we would regularly get bags of twenty plus
rabbits....nothing like rough shooting over good hard working
spaniels....good old days

Couple of pictures



Flagrantviolator said:
have you drained its **** glands yet? Litttle ba stards suffer so if this is not done dail...erm monthly, rather....

I would most definitely say a spaniel is the best all round gundog, my spaniels would be quite at home sitting in a pigeon hide, on a nights duck flighting, standing at a peg on a driven day, out ferreting, but boy they most definitely come into their own when out rough shooting and they are quatering the ground in front of you their tails going nine to a dozen pushing their inquisitive little heads and bodies into every bit of cover going. Spaniels for me everytime all the time :D
I have a German Shorthaired Pointer (actually I have two) and although possibly not an ideal beginners dog, once you get him working, he is great ( I have had Springers in the past) and possibly the best dog I have ever had... and he was a chance rescue....

(disclaimer.... GSP's are terrible when un-trained and under excersised)

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