New discharge ruling

Has anyone heard the latest, apparently MRO have given a directive that all those that sign off can now be discharged the day after, instead of having to give the obligatory years notice.

They give the reason that because we are over our recruiting target... My question is, where are all the bods????
Publish that on Part One Orders and our Regiment will be down an extra
20% on top of the current 25% shortfall by Fri ?

Surely that is a fatalistic approach to management ? Soldier has bad day, doesnt come of the board whatever and gone by next day ?
Not true - its something to do with if you have signed off after four years, you can change it to a month's notice. Don't know the whole thing, but one of the lads I work with who signed off in this way has suddenly gone from having seventeen weeks to do, to four weeks to do. He is SO happy - watch his sideys grow suddenly!!!
Wondered what the rules were, still don't know where all these peeps are though

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