New disability test to curb benefit cheats.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by a_nony_mouse, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. How many of these are going to go back on the 'officially unemployed' list? COuld we see another set of chickens coming home to roost, or is it more likely some other fudge will be found to keep the spin rotating at the desired speed?
  2. Of course it helps if we know who is in the country in the first place :roll: And the test alone is going to be a problem to the chavs.
  3. Fatties should be sent to quarries to break rocks. It would do them good (esp if they are only fed fruit and salad) and save the environment because the quarry would not need to run massive machines to do the work.
  4. Curiously the proposals are silent on improving the quality of jobs as an incentive. Evidently rewards only work for rich bastardos, the rest of us need more poverty to get out of bed. Funny that.
  5. 'I can't work. It's me bones...'

    so says my fat bloated idle slob of a neighbour, whilst sitting on his doorstep rolling a fag and slurping from a tin of the purple nasty (tennants super)

    'More like bloody bone idle. You can't work because your smoking yourself to death and you are permanently pissed. Lucky I can work and pay taxes so that you claim benefits and can sit here on your arse all doing bugger all, then isn't it. You could at least have the decency not to flaunt your idleness in front of all your neighbours, who have to work for a a living, and pay taxes to keep you in fags, booze, huge plasma screen TVs, the latest games console and designers sports wear. Still. you'll be dead in 2 years with any luck'

    'My Doctor says I 'ave to go out to get some air in me lungs'

    I laugh. He doesnt get any air in his lungs at all, mostly roll-up smoke.

    'So your doctor didnt mention anything about cutting down or quitting smoking? Cutting down on the booze? Eating something other than KFC and Domino's pizza. Funny that. We've got the same doctor and he is always banging on about that stuff to me. Perhaps he knows he's wasting his breath with you'

    For someone who has got an alleged serious orthopaedic condition, you should see him move when its about 10 minutes to closing time for the offy up the road. and its up a steep hill. Invalidity my arse!

    Anything that the gubbermint does to get this fat twat off his arse gets my vote.
  6. Do we really want people with bad acne to leprosy serving us at McDonalds? Oh silly me, we already do!

    Maybe there will be less un-skilled low paid jobs left un-filled for our Polish and Eastern European Friends!
  7. So last week the Government announce they intend on creating 7000 new 'apprentice' places for 'British' people to get back into jobs and now this week they announce changes to the disability allowance scheme to catch those dodging work - was last week laying the ground work ready for this little announcement???

    Also if they go after those claiming disability and not working when they can then they also need to go after all the other benefit dodgers and close all the loop holes and stop giving money to those who have litterally stepped off the boat, plane, train, truck.....

    OK this is from the Wail but if the quoted figures are correct, then 50 people with acne got £100,000 in benefits and £100,000 was paid out to those with 'nail disorders'......
  8. So if you were stressed about having acne, causing you to lose sleep and chew your nails repeatedly you'd be quids in :thumright:
  9. Haven't we heard all this before, some minister will make a statement on what is going to happen but nothing ever does
  10. That was actually between them, ie £2k each.
    Its a typically sensationalist story. Granted, a lot of people abuse the system and it needs tightening up considerably, but there is a growing trend towards demonising anyone in receipt of benefits.
  11. Oh, thats ok then. £2000 for being spotty.....
  12. [​IMG]

    Two grand to sort out someone who looks like this, and get them out from under their bed and into the workforce, is money well spent.
  13. "But this is just not the case. Many people with such conditions are perfectly able to take up successful careers, if the right support is in place.

    "That is why I have introduced the new assessment. It will not only accurately identify a person's physical and mental ability, it will offer advice on the type of help and support a person may need so that they can find sustainable work."

    Now Squeeth this was taken from the Torygraph article. However I may slightly side with your point of view as it was hissed by that fecking pinko import Peter Hain. Well he was a pinko until New Liarbour when he took up the famous anthem:

    All together now

    " The Working Class can kiss my arrse etc"
  14. Will they be doing spot checks ??