New digital camcorder

I am looking for anew camcorder, digital, but have had my head exploded with the gumph.

Any recommendations for either the actual camera or specs i should be looking for?
or do some work for a civilian company that supplies the Army with some UOR kit. Then accept off them a brand new Panasonic Full HD camcorder to take 5 mins of film out in a sandy place and get to keep it!!!

But of course, i knew i couldnt accept it and returned it back to the company!!
I am selling a Canon HV20, HD camcorder- uses miniDV tapes
is currently for sale on another site @ £380 (fleabay ones range from £350-480)
Like new in box, comes with Lowepro padded case
Look at the Sanyo Xacti. Records in HD straight on to SD cards.

They're waterproof.

Quite a lot of journos use them because they record broadcast quality stuff and aren't much bigger than a 'normal' digital camera.

I bought a Sony DCR-SR57E... on Amazon for £240. It was only about £10 more than the model below and gave me an extra 40GB drive.

I really like it as the resolution is good, it has a lot of optical zoom, a Karl Zeiss lens (which is pretty pro quality) and a built in HDD which means I can store hours upon hours of video without finding a computer.

It only comes with a small battery, and buying a big Sony battery is about £140 for the massive 11-hour one. However, you can buy an imitiation of that for £12 on eBay and it works fine. I have 3, that's more than enough for anything I've had to use it for - which in the music industry, is quite regular.
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