New digital camcorder

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by chocolate_frog, May 26, 2010.

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  1. I am looking for anew camcorder, digital, but have had my head exploded with the gumph.

    Any recommendations for either the actual camera or specs i should be looking for?
  2. Basic Digi photo rule, ignore the 'digital zoom' look for the optical zoom, it will usually say 10x optical, 120x digital.
  3. or do some work for a civilian company that supplies the Army with some UOR kit. Then accept off them a brand new Panasonic Full HD camcorder to take 5 mins of film out in a sandy place and get to keep it!!!

    But of course, i knew i couldnt accept it and returned it back to the company!!
  4. I am selling a Canon HV20, HD camcorder- uses miniDV tapes
    is currently for sale on another site @ £380 (fleabay ones range from £350-480)
    Like new in box, comes with Lowepro padded case
  5. Look at the Sanyo Xacti. Records in HD straight on to SD cards.

    They're waterproof.

    Quite a lot of journos use them because they record broadcast quality stuff and aren't much bigger than a 'normal' digital camera.

  6. I bought a Sony DCR-SR57E... on Amazon for £240. It was only about £10 more than the model below and gave me an extra 40GB drive.

    I really like it as the resolution is good, it has a lot of optical zoom, a Karl Zeiss lens (which is pretty pro quality) and a built in HDD which means I can store hours upon hours of video without finding a computer.

    It only comes with a small battery, and buying a big Sony battery is about £140 for the massive 11-hour one. However, you can buy an imitiation of that for £12 on eBay and it works fine. I have 3, that's more than enough for anything I've had to use it for - which in the music industry, is quite regular.