New Desert Guernseys?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Goatman, Jan 12, 2006.

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  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer


    ...nice Trad look...very Monty before Alamein....but nowhere for rank slides ?
  2. Didn't realise Roger Moore had a secret life as a CO?
  3. Anyone know why/how Monty came to wear them? I'm a Guernseyman, and have one of the traditional blues - but I could do with the story on the Desert Rats connection to furnish my armoury of pub trivia...
  4. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    PRI venture then.....?
  5. It looks like the centrefold from the sex offenders register doesn't it?
  6. Ta. Dunno - I wear em because theyre light and warm. In fact, might get one made in olive for CIC...
    We had this story in the Guernsey Press over xmas leave - Piccies of the Offrs and WO's with cheesy grins. I reckon you'd have to go back to epaulettes for rank slides, or poss badges on the sleeves. But as I'm a private, and not in the aforementioned Cav brigade, my views on the matter may not hold quite as much weight as Brigadier Marriott's...
  7. ISTR that the officers of the QRIH wore them on Op Granby. With rank slides on epaulettes I think.
  8. Ah, but in the time honoured Whitehall manner, the purchase and wearing of these sweaters is a coded message. You'll recall that the present CGS, when CinC, got so fed up with HQ LAND being a multi-coloured swap shop of funny jumpers, odd coloured trews and the like that he put the whole of the HQ into CS95? Well, heres a signal: POD's significance and the regard he is held in is lessening and the sandy sweaters are a subtle protest against the man. Keep your eyes peeled for 16AA* to all start sporting maroon jumpers (!), for HQ 2 Div to opt for the Arran look - albeit in a Lovat green - and for the REME to start spoting Fairisle sleeveless tops.
  9. And what happensd when someone wants to wear a skirt and be called "Loretta?"
  10. As long as it's the right length and DPM - go on - I dare you!! :lol:
  11. The Royal Tank Regt wear Guernseys (Black of course...) with rank slides on the eppaulettes. Looks quality i reckon.
  12. "Its every mans right to be a woman!"
  13. I also want to have babies...
  14. you beat me to it cowhead, i may be wrong but i seem to recall it was only the WO's and Offr's that wore them and the rest wore the normal black wooly pully :?:
  15. Officers from some cav unit had some weird jumpers on telic 3 they were greyish and looked like they had been brought off a new age traveller or kniited by granny guess they were comfy .