New Derek Robinson Novel

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Dukie94, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. Whatever happened to Biggles......?
  2. Big Fan of Derek Robinson. Goshawk Squadron is superb.
  3. Pranged his kite one time too many?
  4. If you've never read any Derek Robinson, "Piece Of Cake" is an awesome book to read first. Dark humour, gripping action and beautiful character portrayal.
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  6. Enjoyed all the Derek Robinson WW1/2 books and definitely going to buy "A Splendid Little War".

  7. Derek Robinson, along with Pratchett, Robert Rankin, and GMF(when alive) are authors I buy in hardback, and sight unseen, knowing you're onto a winner.

    Edited to add, not available at Brent Cross as of two hours ago. Mrs Chef checked for me.
  8. Glad he's found a publisher - he had to self publish his last novel and you had to personally email the old codger for a copy. It was (of course) a superb read - think Goshawk Squadron but with Avro Vulcans...............
  9. Ordered. Think I'd likely order his shopping list if it were to be published.
  10. Thanks, Arrsers, for introducing me to Derek Robinson. Halfway through "Piece of Cake" at the moment.

    I found it difficult to get into at first because of the "silly ass" type humour. But I guess it actually was like that - most of those lads were barely out of their teens at the start of WW2.

    Now I'm absolutely gripped by the characters and action, and can't put it down! Just ordered the next two books in the series.
  11. No problem. I have only just read "A good clean fight" for the first time and enjoyed it as much as the others.

  12. Sigh...really wish, I'd passed on it. Think Goshawk Sqn, Piece of Cake, A Good Clean Fight or whatever in the Caucus. Same story, and characters in another time lime. Sorry Derek but you've been selling the same thing for 30+ years.
  13. You've changed your tune, Flash. You could probably say the same about a lot of authors.

    I bet you've been furiously reading them back to back, haven't you? Maybe you need a change :)
  14. I have, and I haven't. Last read a "Piece of Cake some 10 years ago, and "Hello Moscow, Goodby England" last year. All good novels as they stand, but the same basic story.