New depths by HSE

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 12volts, May 19, 2010.

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  1. I bought the Mrs a small TV for the bedroom. A 19" Hitachi job on offer from Argos. It was delivered this morning.

    The box was covered with yellow stickers, which apart from a large bar code had printed, "Two Person Lift 5.05Kg"

    Fcuk me, 5 Kilos. I'd better lie down for a couple of hours.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Not unreasonable. And nothing to do with the HSE.


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  3. Whose the bird in ye olde avatar MSR?
  4. what is it then if not part of the H & S? as the HSE wrote the document you've posted MSR,

    I've had this argument with an outsource H & S guy that the limits arent pratical where I work,

    As a box of paper is 12kg straight away and you try 2 man lift on 1 box of A4 paper its more hazardous!

    but 5kg acceptable to 90% of the workforce unless your are very young and or weak!
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Then don't put it on the floor.

    Or open the box and lift the reams out individually.

  6. 100 boxes per delivery 4 reams a box 2 reams per lift, straight away I've gone over the 30 operation per hour :D

    how about we just man the fock up!! its good phys and is alot less then the CFT weights of 25kg plus water, what would mr H & S man say about that :)
  7. Hi
    Yup can agree with that however MSR is quite correct however the pdf he posted has a fatal flaw they are guidleines, Not to be pedantic :D
    This is the actual document clicky
    the trouble is HSE write all this stuff and it gets taken out of context ( compensation culture and all that bollox)
    right i will fcuk off now



    PS i work for them ( right will fcuk off and hide)
  8. I like the truck one of the dummies is using, :) a new toy for me to play with

    cough cough i mean a serious bit of manual handerling equipment that will help me be fat and lazy let alone weak :D
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Do whatever you like, just don't bleat on when you have a bad back and go onto the sick because you can't work.
  10. thanks for the care MSR, but I'm a good boy and lift with my knees and back straight,

    and have arranged the shelfs so you dont have to lift twice or twist :D

    as much as I hate this H & S culture I do listern and take in the sensible points

    but shhhh just dont tell them that :D
  11. Lifting with the knee's and a straight back will just fuck up your knee's!
    Don't have to listen but it might just be beneficial in the long term.
  12. 5kg a two man lift! You jest?
    Many moons ago, I worked with some telecomms stuff in the US. It was designed to be 24.5kg so it would comply with the EU 25kg one-man lift limit. The yanks thought it funny - when asked what would an employer do if you refused to lift something over 25kg on your own, they said you'd probably be sacked and they hire a bigger bloke...
  13. great so now I'm going to have bad knees when I'm older :( cant win can I!

    just have to relise the fact that getting old means I'll have bad joints :D who knew getting old meant that hey
  14. Speaking from experience, during my time as a Caterer in RN I must have humped a lot of spuds (ooo'err) in 25kg bags up and down ladders and in and out of fridges, the latter usuually bent double.

    After I left the mob, I was advised to be examined by Pensions Doctor who assessed me as having a pensionable injury, I now recieve a monthly tax free pension.

    I am not advocating you try this, as it does fcuking 'urt, when it does go.

    I would suggest that a box of paper is about the limit of one man or woman operation, and if you think you can't lift it safely, (straight back lift from the legs) then you should either get help, split the box into lighter parts or get mechanical aids. (this is usually fatal)

  15. And the weight of an SA80??