New Defense Medic course

Hey folks,
does anyone have any information about the new Defense Medic course (or whatever it'll be called) such as when it'll start, how long it's likely to be etc?
Also, does anyone know when things are supposed to be moving up to Litchfield?

Thanks in advance,



It doesn't exist beyond a concept, much to do before a course is in place. DMSTG to move to DMS(W) by the end of the year or end Apr 14, can't remember which.

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This being ARRSE, I would just like to point out thst there may well be a Defense Medic course available - in the USA. There may one day be a Defence Medic course available here :)

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any medical tri-service course will be an utter farce while all three services fight over who is in charge of what part, who is paying for it, who'll staff it, what colour the book should be and if the toilets will be called toilets, heads or on-suite.
I wouldn't hold your breath for some amazing course with stunning qualifications.
Got a little sketchy information on this today. Defence Medic training will commence in September 2014, replacing the current training regime entirely. Curriculum to be confirmed. Some single service modules will survive, especially for the RN, and be delivered as add-ons. Minimum entry criteria will be GCSE grade C or above in Maths and English (or equivalent). The latter reflects the ambition to move towards civilian recognised Emergency Medical and Primary Care qualification pathways. It's a bit woolly on how this will impact on those already serving, but the implication seemed to be that anyone following the pathway would need to meet the minimum educational standards.

This applies only to regulars. The future training and employment of the TA CMT is still under review, although the tone was distinctly downbeat.

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