New Defence Strategy Unveiled

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MOD_Oracle, Dec 16, 2005.

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  1. More Bollocks form the Government that thinks it's clever to have ammo sourced from overseas and Uniforms made in China
  2. A3.20 The key question is whether investment into the USA is coming at
    the expense of further investment in the UK market. The political environment
    in the USA and recent trends do not suggest that technology sharing will get
    significantly easier in the near term
    , and the ease of sharing technology across
    national boundaries can affect significantly where companies choose to invest,
    particularly in R&D. However, these problems, as well as cost competitiveness,
    can also lead US companies to invest directly in the UK. For instance, Raytheon
    Systems Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the US Raytheon Company, now
    employs 1500 people across the UK and, as well as engagement in a number
    of UK projects, is a net exporter, including back to the USA. DTI estimates
    that at present defence investment into the UK is exceeded by outward
    investment from the UK into the US, but it is unclear whether this is likely
    to be an ongoing trend, as the most attractive acquisition opportunities
    are taken and as companies seek to integrate their recent acquisitions.

    So no tech transfer on JSF, then.