New Defence Secretary ?


A black bin liner full of $hite would be an improvement on a man who can deploy 40,000 service personell to the Gulf then go skiing for a week!
Great, so we're going to replace one shabby twat, with a fat slaphead chickenhawk?

Give the job to Prescott.

"Coom on then Saddam ya fcukah, I'll take you on reet now, name the fookin car park, you can bring the fookin nippahs and all, ya great jessie" etc etc

Prescott for Defence Bloke -  You know it makes sense :)
Yes, but can't you picture Prescott with Rumsfeld?

He'd never have dared make that jibe at us. I appreciate Prescott might be a pussy cat, but he looks rock.

Go and take a look at Charles Clarke. Saw his performance on question time. Another chickenhawk, who likes to talk big .What is it about the Labour Party, that seems to breed these wasters? Not as bad as a Prime Minister, who was a former CND member/activist/Leader etc


Gotta be John Reid, only man in the Labour Party that gives a damn about the Army.


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