New Defence procurement or restructure

Just reading some of the headings to Jane's Defence Weeklys latest articles.

I find it somewhat disturbing that the articles seem to fall into two distinct groups.

The UK - cutting, restructuring, and the best article was regarding the FRES. One of the given reasons for the restructure.

Headed with

UK Starts on FRES

The UK's Defence Procurement Agency (DPA) is considering 21 technologies for possible insertion into the British Army's high-priority Future Rapid Effect Systems (FRES), intended to equip three brigades to create a medium force capability. For convenience, the 21 technologies have been grouped into three key areas - physical architecture, electronic ...
so they are starting on it.

As well as

UK extends assesment phase for new carriers.

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has extended Assessment Phase activity for the UK's Future Aircraft Carrier (CVF) programme by a further 12 months to enable additional risk-reduction work to be undertaken in advance of a Main Gate decision now set for mid-2005
So nothing stated by TCH is actually off the drawing board yet... but

Good to see the rest of the page has articles on

1. The NEW Italian carrrier.
2. Romania to replace its old Migs with NEW ones.
3. Denmark buying more NEW leopard tanks.
4. Pakistan buying NEW helicopters.
5. Brazil buying NEW transport aircraft.
6. Canada chooses the NEW Sikorsky H-92 helicopter,...
7. UAE getting NEW corvettes.... goes on and on and on

TCH is a fool

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